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Peng Xiao filled the role of CTO and VP at MicroStrategy, a company that offers enterprise-level software platforms. Before starting at MicroStrategy, Xiao served as the IT operations head for the Bond and Pecaro consulting firm.

cto salary in usa

We value talented people who are passionate towards solving business problems through innovation and best product and engineering practices. We embrace a culture of experimentation and constantly strive for improvement and learning. The estimated total pay for a Chief Technology Officer is $217,046 per year in the United States area, with an average salary of $182,541 per year. These numbers represent the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users. Additional pay could include cash bonus, commission, tips, and profit sharing. The “Most Likely Range” represents values that exist within the 25th and 75th percentile of all pay data available for this role. The first industry many think of when considering the role of CTOs is big tech.

A CTO needs to have the technological expertise and a keen business sense to be successful in a leadership role. A master’s program that focuses on the technical area of business administration, such as an online cybersecurity master’s, can help students develop skills in management-related areas, such as accounting and finance. Positions in the above areas may require only a few years of experience, but professionals need to have between five and ten years of experience before applying to a managerial or directorial role. Once in a managerial position, IT managers who want to work as CTOs must usually spend an additional five to seven years honing their leadership and business skills. As a network operations director, you will be responsible for overseeing the availability and overall performance of a company’s network.

David Thompson, Evp, Global Operations And Cto, Western Union

His CTO/VP role earned him a $556,000 salary, $575,000 bonus, $4.2 million worth of stock options, $182,000 in incentive plan compensation, plus $33,000 in other earnings. Kevin L. Timmons may not be at the top of the CTO earnings list, but he still makes more money than most of us could ever spend.

Also important to consider what stage the company is currently at when it comes to fundraising. If the company is still looking for seed funding, the CTO salary range will be significantly lower than the average as investors will rarely tolerate big salaries to senior managers at such an early stage. As the company becomes more stable, raises more money and starts to grow then market rate salaries become more acceptable and frankly, the senior team should start demanding them. The chief technology officer is an integral part of the decision-making team in an organization and generally oversees the technological developments and requirements, leading, managing and sometimes coercing high performance from the technical team. Right now the company has more than 100 open positions listed on its website.

  • We’re looking for a Director of Engineering to join our Engineering Productivity team!
  • Business Insider analyzed salary data for workers at top tech companies.
  • The CTO, or chief technology officer, is the person in charge when it comes to technological and scientific areas within a company.

In late 2020 and 2021, Snap offered annual base salaries ranging from $59,000 to $500,000 for various roles, according to data from H-1B visa applications analyzed by Business Insider. Check out the full list of Uber and Lyft positions and salaries here. Pay depends on the job, of course, but increasingly on where the worker is based, too.

Keith Rohland, Cio, Us Foods

The average additional cash compensation for a CTO in New York is $54,764. CTO salaries are based on responses gathered by Built In from anonymous CTO employees in New York. A director of information management is an information technology expert in charge of spearheading the efforts to manage and develop information systems.

cto salary in usa

She left Norfolk Southern in 2015, but still receives deferred compensation of various sorts; most of it takes the form of retirement benefits, which are generous enough to put her at number 11 on our list. Matt Carey has worked at Home Depot for nearly a decade and oversees all aspects of IT infrastructure and software development for its sprawling network of stores and distribution centers, as well as the corporate website and supply chain.

Skills That Affect Cto Chief Technology Officer Salaries In Us

After World War II, large corporations established research laboratories at locations separate from their headquarters. The corporation’s goals were to hire scientists and offer them facilities to conduct research on behalf of the company without the burdens of day-to-day office work. This is where the idea of a CTO focusing on the overarching technology infrastructures originates. NFINIT provides managed cloud and infrastructure solutions optimized for any workload and any business.

Here’s the full list of jobs and salaries, covering positions such as cloud-solutions architect, legal counsel, silicon engineer, and software engineering lead. In the 1980s, the role of these research directors changed substantially. Since technology was becoming a fundamental part of the development for most products and services, companies needed an operational executive who could understand the product’s technical side and provide advice on ways to improve and develop. With technology so deeply embedded in business these days, there’s a greater demand for someone to lead the tech side of any growing company.

Technology roles trended toward the high end of the pay scale, with senior engineering directors taking home $440,000 to $480,000 annually. At the low end, staff accountants earned $59,700 and HR generalists made $68,408. It’s a top range salary, but many other roles across engineering, analyst and sales positions earned at least six figures — with exceptions, like some business and sales analysts. The job-search site ZipRecruiter showed more than 60,000 AI-engineer jobs listed. Those roles pay very well, with annual compensation as high as $304,500. Check out the salaries Apple pays for positions such as software developers, electrical engineers, computer and information systems managers, and statisticians. Business Insider analyzed salary data for thousands of workers to reveal how much large tech companies pay.

Several additional factors go into figuring out how much they make. Conversely, for a CTO at the top end of the range, the salary is $350,510. Before we break down the average CTO salary in the US, it is essential to remember that each role and company are unique in their own ways. If you are thinking of becoming chief technology officer responsibilities a Chief Technology Officer or planning the next step in your career, find details about the role, the career path and salary trajectory of a Chief Technology Officer . Here’s the full salary data for Waymo, Snowflake, UiPath, Databricks, DataRobot, Samsara, ByteDance, Cruise, Dataminr, and OpenAI.

Cto Chief Technology Officer Salary By Years Of Experience

To become a successful CTO, a professional must be proficient in technical, business, and management skills. Over the past few decades, computer technology has been advancing rapidly. While the first human inventions took thousands of years to progress, major shifts in computer technology are occurring every few years, if not months, in the 21st century. For businesses, having a chief technology officer who keeps up with advances and leads technology programs is increasingly important. Mike McNamara began his tech career at British retailer Tesco in the late ’90s, helping roll out its website and overseeing its IT and supply chain businesses, then expanding the company’s operating model outside the UK. In 2015 he jumped ship to join the executive team at Target, and currently has umbrella authority over most of that company’s tech initiatives, from developing long-term tech roadmaps to overseeing the company’s website and the in-store technology. Engineers at Lyft — depending on the speciality — can earn between $122,000 and $189,100, with engineering managers making $235,654.

Strategy – you’ll be part of a leadership team whose job it is to design and implement a strategy for achieving the short and long term goals of the broader Engineering Team. Process – you’ll be responsible for analyzing, designing, implementing and optimizing processes that your teams will leverage to be effective, with a focus on autonomy. Read how much Lyft paid employees across 18 tech and non-tech roles. Though Uber has gone through rounds of job cuts in recent years, its compensation Pair programming for many full-time positions is competitive with the biggest Silicon Valley tech firms. We analyzed Microsoft’s more than 1,400 active foreign-worker visas in 2020 to find the titles with the highest salaries and provided a salary range for each role. An in-house ad-agency director hired in the past year earns a salary of just over $330,000. Here are the salaries of advertising- and marketing-focused roles at Apple and other tech giants including Airbnb and Facebook.

America’s 6 top-paid CTOs – Computerworld

America’s 6 top-paid CTOs.

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The averages are based on an Insider analysis of salary data from the US Office of Foreign Labor Certification. Here’s how much Dell paid US-based engineering, analyst, product-management, and sales roles. Insider analyzed the 206 H-1B visas Salesforce applied for from January to March to find out how much it paid workers in areas like engineering, data analytics, and product management. Software engineers can make more than $200,000 in salary, the data showed. Business Insider analyzed the 241 H-1B visas IBM applied for since January to find out what it pays engineers, business analysts and consultants, digital strategists, and more. The highest-paid IBM employees can make as much as $335,000 in base salary, according to that data.

Sr Director Of Software Engineering

You will perform varied tasks that include analyzing the network and recommending changes or upgrades, ensuring compliance to best practices, promoting continuous information operations, and overseeing other technical resources. A network operations director is expected to provide expertise in networking and operating system and project management. You are responsible for managing all vendor-related support contracts for software, hardware, and connectivity. If If you have ambitions for a senior tech role then opportunity abounds and you should be building up your skill set and aiming very high. Several factors will determine your final salary package as a CTO, and the more management and softer skills you can add to your technical capabilities the more in demand you will become and the higher your value in the market. The average salary for a chief technology officer is $127,954 per year in the United States and $19,500 profit sharing per year.

cto salary in usa

An information technology/technical services manager also handles the development of new network systems according to business requirements and client specifications. A chief technology officer is part of an executive team in a company. He or she leads the efforts of the technology development within the company. This is usually the highest position related to technology within a company. Leadership skills are needed, as the CTO will often lead teams of people in the information technology department. Google’s parent company, Alphabet, hired more than 4,000 employees in the second quarter alone. Overall, more than 300,000 open tech jobs were posted in June, with software and app developers, IT-support specialists and project managers, systems engineers and architects, and systems analysts in highest demand.

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PitchBook estimated that spending on AI software and hardware would reach $138 billion in 2021 and grow at a rate of 23% in the next three years. Waymo pays $122,000 to $300,000, depending on the type of job and location.

Top Companies For Chief Technology Officers In United States

Norling’s lucrative time with Poly Shield Technologies started in February of 2013 and ended in May of 2014. A tech focused company usually relies on a CTO more than any other role in the company. A CTO must also be able to manage teams, communicate effectively across departments, and work with other executives. A CTO’s primary responsibility is to understand and implement technologies that help a business achieve its goals and objectives. Depending on the size of the organization, a CTO focuses on four primary areas of the business. The average entry-level Chief Technology Officer salary is $98,000. Nationally, the average was $171K, according to Computerworld data.

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